Individual Fundraising

Reward your organization with your everyday shopping!

Drive-through Groceries

I want to support my youth sports organization!

Here is how it works!

1. Sign up for USA Perks at $1.00 per month and you receive access to the entire USA Perks rewards platform.

2. Designate your 501c3 organization and USA Perks will provide back 50% of your subscription fee as a donation to them on your behalf.

Why does this work? 

Most people are not going to miss $1.00 per month. More importantly, if you are paying for our service we guarantee you will receive more than $1.00 of savings each month just be using our platform one time. In some cases, since our monthly fee is so low, if you use our platform for just one purchase it often pays for the entire years subscription fee.

The benefit to your organization is huge!

Imagine if you have 1,000 people in your program. 1,000 people times $6.00 is $6,000.00 for your organization. This is literally the easiest fundraising an organization is able to do. Also, no more fundraising programs for mom and dad to participate in. Being a member of USA Perks costs only $12.00 for the year, your organization gets half, and you will save money by using our platform. It is just that simple.