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Governing Body Partnership

How does it work?

We offer a fully-branded, rewards technology platform for your organization.  You can use our platform website and app as your own stand-a-alone platform.  Or, you can use our API to integrate our rewards platform into your current app/website.

You upload your membership list which will generate customized emails introducing your members to your new discount/rewards platform.  We take it from there!

Your members will then receive targeted, customized emails based on their activity on your platform.  Our clients want to provide value to their members. They need to let their members know about the value. Our data shows the importance of email marketing in driving users to the discount website. One client sent regular emails for most of 2016, but not in 2017. In 2017, the maximum number of sessions on their discount site in a month was 3,971. In 2016, in a month emails were delivered, their site saw 33,674 sessions. Regular email marketing helped account for a 748% increase in site sessions.

Do your offers apply to my membership base?  

Yes, we have discounts / offers located all around the country.  Over 700,000  to be exact.  Not only can we show what it looks like across the country we can show you a more detailed view in your state..


Email Branding

Your organization's logo is placed on each email through a dynamic process. This allows us to send one email body to hundreds of thousands of people (across dozens of clients), with each receiving an email customized for their organization. Members will see that the email is "From" that client's group or organization in the "from" name field of their inbox.

"Welcome" (intro) Email

This is the first email members will get, an introduction to the discount program. We'll send it every time a new member in a client's group is added to our system. This email will look very simple, almost entirely HTML copy. It introduces the program, shares any important member information, and provides a single button members can click to sign on to their savings site.

That simple look is intentional - it's designed and tested to best hit the user's inbox (most email programs tend to consider first-time email sends full of big images as "junk," so we try not to include many big photos in our intro email), and to make getting started on the program as simple as possible.


Can you tell me how my email campaign is doing?

Yes. If you wish, the email team can provide you with statistics on an email campaign by send, month, or year.

Will the email say it's from USA SPORTS PERKS, or my group name?

By default, the "from" name for the emails are by the client's group name.

How do you decide what subject lines and email designs to use?

We test different variables every week. You can think of the best practices for subject lines and designs as evolving over time. We apply the winning tests to future sends, and discard the lower-performing tests.

How do we handle opt-outs (unsubscribes)?

Currently, when a member clicks "unsubscribe" in the bottom of the email, that email address is removed from all future email sends. This is to ensure compliance with U.S. and Canadian anti-spam law, known as CAN-SPAM and CASL. Large fines are possible if we are found in violation of these, so we are very aggressive in making sure we comply.

Do you help provide templates for marketing if we want to do our own?

Absolutely! Assets Include:

  • In the Best Practices subcategory, you’ll find tips, suggestions, and proven strategies to help you successfully use the Online/Digital assets.
  • In the Member Videos subcategory, you’ll find member facing videos for the "My Deals mobile app." We can customize these videos with your organization's URL. We also have “how to” videos and tutorials for our website and mobile app that can easily be shared with your members.
  • Social Media Posts subcategory consists of short merchant offer text paired with the corresponding merchant logo that can be used on social media (i.e. twitter, Facebook etc.)
  • The Featurettes subcategory includes 150x150 pixel images containing a merchant logo paired with a matching merchant offer. These can be used on your website or social media to help promote your savings program.
  • The Banners subcategory includes a 260x770 pixels picture and/or logo paired with a matching merchant offer. We provide instructions on how to create a hyperlink that takes users to the merchant's offer page on your website. These banners can be used on your website or social media to help promote your savings program.

Can I just offer your USA Sports Perks to my members without making it my own brand?

Yes! That is simple and can be done very easily.

Can I white-label your rewards?

Yes, for an annual fee you can take our rewards and add your brand through our white-labeling process. We want to empower you to provide as many resources to your members as possible.