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Our APIs are designed to provide easy access to our extensive merchant offer content, simplifying application development. Exposed as RESTful web services, the APIs support both JSON and XML and provide a full set of list and query functionality.

Access APIs are organized into three functional sets:

  1. Offers – Search, Query and Display

    The Offers APIs provide access to our extensive network of merchant offers. They support a set of list functionality enabling access to lists of merchant offer content based upon category, brand, name, location, etc. In addition, the Offers APIs support flexible and extensive search capabilities, allowing the developer to incorporate searching for merchant offer content by geolocation, categories, keywords, names, redemption types, etc. or any combination of these criteria.

  2. Offer Redemption

    The Redeem APIs support all offer redemption requests made by an application including printed coupons, digital coupons (Mobile), online links, phone offers, etc. Additionally, it provides compliant redemption instructions and promo codes for redeeming any given offer.

  3. Member Management

    The Member Management APIs provide support for creating, updating, managing licenses, and reporting on member status.



Access to the APIs is granted by request or invitation. Security grants for accessing the APIs are managed using an Oauth2 security provider. All developers are required to register in order to receive Oauth tokens for accessing the APIs. Call limits are set in order to ensure high deliverability and quality of service to your applications.

Pricing & Learn More

To learn more about API Integration please email Josh Racette at jracette@usaelitesports.com to arrange a call.

Industry standard JSON and XML formats

Reduced development effort and time

Control over branding and navigation within your application

Easy integration of our offers with your existing applications and content

Application agnostic – Java, Ruby, etc.

Real-time updates to offers and locations

Easy addition of new features with little to no work for your developers


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